13.Dezember: PROST Soli-Party im Kater Holzig

Jemand hat gequatscht, weswegen unser Prost letztens eine Hausdurchsuchung hatte und bis auf weiteres Kamera, Computer, Handy, Sticker, Kunst und Werkzeug verloren hat. Fuer Ersatz und etwaige Prozesskosten die auf ihn zukommen, hat er fuer den 13.Dezember im Kater Holzig eine PROST SOLI PARTY organisiert. Kommt alle! Weiterleiten. Via Mail / Facebook-Event:

Dear Friends of Joy,

As some of you know, I*m now in the problem with those people with green uniform, those people who see what I do as a vandalism not as art. Those people who have no sense of humor and no sense for art. As a result, they might ask me for lots of money and In the worst case they might be send me back to Planet Prost.

Me I don*t have money, since the beginning of time , all I have just love and art. And now they took my love and some even copied my prostie and put it in the profit level. Bevor I bring myself to the end, I want you to join me to the one and only prostie party.

Location: Kater Holzig
Date: December 13, 2012
Time : starts 10pm –open end
Entry : 8€

There are 2 Floors , one floor for Live Hiphop and Rap and the other one for the Techno Electro. And Outside we have a small house for chillin music and some merchandise to sell.

Here’s my Line up:
Live: Amewu, Chefket, Audio88 und Yassin, Emus Primus,Quendolin Fender

Dj’s: Nicorus, Klenk, SiD, Footik, Timeless, KMLN, Tetsuo, Don Brazo.

Question and Answer:
Q: Is it a streetart party ?
A: No it is not an elite streetart party, not hip hop party, everybody*s welcome. white,black,yellow, gay, straight what ever you are. But nazi, they better stay at home for this one.

Q: Any dress code ?
A: Come as you are. If you are a Unicorn, come as a Unicorn.

Q: Any tips for the door policy? / to get in?
A: Don*t bring weapon, no cameras, No cans (please), and put a smile on your face.

Q: Will you be there, Prost?
A: I will be everywhere.

It is a benefit party, so there will be no guestlist, I even have to pay my ass to get in ☺

Pic Streetart_Berlin.

Pic Lucky Cat.