15 Street Artists to Watch in 2014

Das amerikanische Lifestyle-Magazin COMPLEX hat eine Liste von 15 Street Artists zusammengestellt, die ihrer Meinung nach in diesem Jahr noch wichtig werden. Unter den Künstlern befindet sich auch das Berliner Duo VARIOUS & GOULD, sowie NYCHOS aus Wien (via ILG).

“Each of the fifteen individuals for this list are doing outstanding things in the world of street art. From the theoretical writings of EKG to the ladies participating in Jeffrey Deitch’s Women on the Walls project, some are household names while others are breaking new ground to establish themselves. In Berlin Various and Gould are lighting the city on fire with political posters. Monica Canilao is reimagining rural ruin with installations in Detroit, New Orleans, and Oakland. Rae is transforming New York’s idea of bodegas into an interactive experience. While some argue that street art has dulled with artists rapidly moving towards money and galleries, they are here to prove that the streets are thriving.”