Andere Bewegung – Ausstellung im ZMF

(via fb) Duncan Passmore, Tomasz Kobialka und Benjamin Spalding zeigen Donnerstag ihre Arbeiten im ZMF.

“This show aims to shed light on Duncan Passmore, Tom Kobialka and Benjamin Spalding who have their roots in urban painting, but whose work creates a trajectory that is distinct from the popular aesthetic norms of ‘Street Art’ as a discipline. While these artists practice within an environmental framework that parallels the defining features ‘Street Art’, none of these painters would identify themselves with the movement – and their work radically differs in aesthetic from the dominant traits of the street art scene. The works on show are radically different form the one-liners, adbusting and soft porn pouts that are typical of the Graffiti scene.” sagt die >>Event-Seite<<, die zugleich die Musikanten DJ Samuel_ und DJ Salysol ankündigt.

Donnerstag, 8. November, ab 20 Uhr
ZMF, Brunnenstraße 10, Berlin