ATM & Skalitzers – AMAZING SHIT

Die ATM-Galerie meldet sich mit einer Ausstellung (in Kollabo mit den Skalitzers) zurück. Via dem Newsletter:

“AMAZING SHIT” – A Contemporary Fine Urban ART Group Show

When searching for inspiration and creativity we often take back roads and short cuts that lead us far and away from the path we set out to travel. Along this journey items and objects are often collected and fabricated then discarded, placed in carefully knotted blue bags for disposal at some later date or simply
left to decay in the darkened corners and forgotten spaces.

“Amazing Shit” sets out to expose the forgotten and peripheral works that are created by artists for exploration and experimentation, for personal enjoyment or simply as a distraction. Often formed with no intention of exposure, these works represent a window into the mind of the creator when the audience is not
the ultimate end.

Join ATM gallery and Skalitzers Projects as we open the space to the pieces that were never meant to be.
with works by Hubi.W.Jaeger, Il-Jin Atem Choi, Innerfields, Eliot, Emess,
Stephen Hiam, Kevin Gray, Rory Schmitz, Sweza & many more!

“AMAZING SHIT” ,7.-22.September 2013, Thurs-Sat. 3-8pm. Show will be open while art week.*

ATM Gallery
10965 Berlin-Schönekreuz