Attacke gegen Urban Artist

Der Australische Urban Artist Mik Shida, der auch schon in Berlin ausgestellt hatte, wurde in Yarraville, Australien, von einem offensichtlichem Graffitigegner 700 Meter mit einem Auto mitgeschleift.
Die Polizei konnte anscheinden keine Beweise finden und stellte die Ermittlungen ein, erst ein daraufhin informierter Journalist fand – innerhalb einer Stunde – Videoaufzeichnungen einer Überwachungskamera, die die Tat belegen.
Mik Shida hofft nun, durch eine breite Öffentlichkeit den Fall klären zu können.

Hier sein Protokoll:

Dear friends. I have had an extremely stressful and traumatic couple of days. On Sunday afternoon I was involved in a incident with a Vigilante after painting a wall in Yarraville. A man aggressively tailgated me and my passengers Zheani Sparkes and Twiggy Hunter. I made multiple U-turns trying to disengage from the situation and Zheani wound down her window and pleaded for the man to stop following us, to which he replied something angrily about graffiti.
We where all anxious and I decided to pull over the car feeling unsafe to continue driving. I exited my vehicle and the man wound down his window, I leant in and confronted him about following us. At this point he panicked, grabbed my arm and stepped on the gas of his Jaguar. I was dragged at high speed for 700meters while desperately pleading for the man to pull over.
At this point a witness overtook the man and forced him from the road. I managed to free myself and collapsed. I was than taken to the Emergency to be checked and treated for injuries.
The police have still not interviewed me. They have refused to take evidence and have failed to adequately investigate. They claimed they had scoured the scene and found no footage. After reaching out to the media a Journalist from 9news managed to find CCTV footage in less than an hour.

I am lucky to be alive and I am calling out for the art communities support to get justice and set a precedent.
Thank you to everyone that has already reached out.
Please Share. Your support will make the difference.