Bitcoins für Streetart & Graffiti

Auf Reddit wird gerade diskutiert ob Graffiti-Artists einen QR-Code zu ihrer Bitcoin-Wallet neben ihre Bilder kleben sollten, damit ihnen dann Dank/Anerkennung via Bitcoin-Spende ausgedrückt werden kann:

Graffiti artists should put Bitcoin QR codes beside their work, giving people the ability to support their favorite artists while promoting high quality artwork, also, it’s untraceable. (self.CrazyIdeas)

Graffiti, art or eyesore there’s some really beautiful pieces out there, and I’d really love to be able to say thanks to some of the artists. I think it would also raise the bar for graffiti artists and provide an incentive for higher quality work. As well, due to the (relatively) untraceable nature of bitcoin, the artist can preserve their anonymity should they want to.

In den Comments wird u.a. auf dieses Projekt verwiesen: Könnte interessant werden :-)