BR1-Ausstellung in Berlin

Der italienische Artist BR1 wird (supported durch OpenWalls) ab dem 6ten November im Platoon in Berlin-Mitte ausstellen.

Via Mail / FB-Event:

BR1, supported by Open Walls Gallery Berlin, is an Italian artist based in Turin, his works are based and influenced by the city life. for him, art must transmit a social message and bring collective awareness. BR1 is fighting the hegemonic policing of sense imposed by late capitalism by ripping out advertising on billboards or giving a new face to Muslim women. the point is to fight hegemonic ideas and to give back the public space to the public.

BR1 started working on the theme of veiled Muslim women, as he became more and more attracted and intrigued by the veil: “why a dress has so strong connotation of religion? this thing attracts me.” His first aim is to show that the veiled woman has the same needs and the same nature as any other occidental woman. by portraying veiled woman in the everyday life, BR1 challenges the ideological isolation of the veil.

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    Today, in Paris, Tehran or Tunisia, in 2009, women don’t think that the veil is only a religious symbol. The society is more developed and the media or globalization change lifestyle of all the people. There is something else behind the veil (and I try to make some hypothesis). Moreover, I am Italian, I don’t want to pass as an Islamic artist (but I love to make some collaboration with them). Veiled women live with us, they are in public spaces with us, and new generations are Italian, French or Australian. So why I can’t retract them. I love the woman in general. I don’t like to draw the man. This is a project based on the woman. and many girls, also Muslim, tell me that it is also a sort of feminism, because I give to Muslim woman a representation on city walls.