C.E.S.J.F.F.M.M.S.D.A.M.M. Group-Show in Berlin

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May 26 at 7:00pm until June 2 at 10:00pm

HBC presents :
group show that reunifies music and art practice.
Curator Eliot/ Salon Der Alchemisten/ HBC
26.05 -02-06 in HBC from 19:00

OPENING Saturday 26.05 at 19:00 with …

in the FOYER/
An interactive video installation of Felix Bonowski
Part of a series of works that explore materiality, corporeal experience and chaos in virtual environments, the installation emphasizes the flow of textures, shapes and motions generated by pseudo-physical models of collective behavior.

salon der alchemisten ( sda) creates synergies between music, art, food, cultures and people a mobile concept for an event that interacts with the environment in which it takes place in a dynamic way. sda presents the analog video live installation Synkie to transform the foyer into an interactive space.
The ANALOG VISUALS LABOR ( Flo Kaufmann, Michael & Max Egger / CH) present their invention, the Synkie,
a modular analog video processor for which they recently won a grant from migros cultural %.

in the KINO/
Of course it is a one and only live experience with Mutfak and its amazing cross over between Hip Hop Electro and Metal reunited with a very talented crew of Crazy performers: Yaneq, Beatbox Eliot, Dj Gaucho, Jammin’ Unit, The mutfak cockroach!

MAGNUM 38 new project LIVE.
You might know him as the wall shaker , ear buzzer , loud entertainer of Shitkatapult records ! For this special night Magnum 38 will present a new and exclusive project to explore the border of mental ambiant land.

Chérie ( Warren Suicide) , Jim Avignon , Eliot , Swag
will present some illustrations, paintings and new in situ visual works