CityBilder – Kunst auf Brandwänden

CityBilder is a mural project that starts this Friday – 14th of October in Dresden .
The english title is : CityImages – Collaborative Murals in Dresden.
It continues a series of public art in Dresden Friedrichstadt. CityBrache happened in 2004 and festured mainly Installations on city wastelands. CityBilder will feature international muralists who already collaborated together. Walls are painted between 16th and 28th of October.

The project is organized by riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden – Frank Eckhardt and Jens Besser


Frm & Otecki (Wroclaw, PL)
Ryan Spring Dooley (Mineapolis, USA) & Moneyless (Lucca, IT)
Other (Montreal, CA) & Saddo (Bukarest, RO)
Kenor & H101 (Barcelona, E)
Graphic Surgery (Amsterdam, NL)
Xpome (Sofia, BG)
Stefan Schwarzer (Halle, D) & Jens Besser (Dresden, D)

  • lucky

    I’m looking forward!

  • Padex

    Fotos sind im Forum des Dresdner Studentenclubs auf zu finden.