Clemens Behr im Stattbad in Berlin

Unter dem Titel “Rauminstallation mit Pumpe (und andere Sachen)” wird Clemens Behr ab dem 12.4.2013 im Stattbad in Berlin-Wedding ausstellen.

Via dem FB-Event:

Clemens Behr and Nural Moser’s new show, Rauminstallation mit Pumpe (und andere Sachen), is curated by Open Walls Gallery and will open at Stattbad, on April 13th.

The artists will present a large-scale sculptural piece inside one of Stattbad’s large empty swimming pools. The two artists’ collaboration is a moving four-dimensional installation combining Behr’s trademark improvised abstract work and Moser’s sound piece. The sculpture is set in motion through the water being pumped from the pool triggering small mechanisms articulating and animating the whole piece.
The show will also introduce the viewer to different types of works by Clemens Behr; paintings, silkprints, objects, as well as some of Nural Moser’s architectural printed collages.

Behr refers to his pieces as “three dimensional collages in space”. The artist states that he is influenced by the animated television series“Transformers”, as well as being inspired by artists such as KurtSchwitters, Gordon Matta Clark, Marcel Duchamp and Michel Gondry. Behr creates from nothing; he uses the cheap materials he finds close to where he creates his site-specific pieces and then improvises. He deconstructs to reconstruct. Mirroring the environment, he praises geometrical shapes, colours and lines by re-arranging them. Moser’s minimalist three dimensional and two dimensional works echo Behr’s installations. She also improvises and takes into account the colours, shapes and materials of the surroundings. Both artists’ practices are in ways reminiscent of the constructivist approach; if the shapes and coloursfound in Behr’s art evoke cubist paintings, Moser’s reconstructions and object- manipulations are conceptual arrangements. This four-handed re-composition of the swimming pool is capturing the essence of its structure, and celebrating the presence of water in an architectural environment.

Exhibition on display: Saturday April 13th – Saturday May 11th
Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday, from 15:00 to 20:00
Vernissage: Friday April 12th from 20:00 onwards
Admission: €5

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