Dave the Chimp – “A Year Of Prints”

Dave the Chimp bietet zum neuen Jahr eine Print-Flatrate an. Für 350 Euro bekommt man das ganze Jahr über jeden Monat einen neuen Print geschickt. Angebot und Infos gibts hier auf BigCartel.

I will be releasing one new screen print per month for the whole year, and this is your chance to buy the “package” deal,
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 19.38.44enabling you to both save money and ensure you don’t miss out on the small runs of prints I will be producing.

How will it work?

You will receive one new print every month, delivered to your door.
Prints will only be released to the general public one week after yours has been shipped.

What will the prints look like?

Though I already have a stack of ideas to select from, I will be keeping an open mind and intend to be flexible to whatever the year brings in the way of new influences and experimentations. However, I will be keeping to screen prints in a 40 cms x 30 cms portrait format. Small editions between 35 and 100 copies, signed and numbered.