How many lines? Urban art with stripes

(via Mail) Awer and Pible exhibition am 23. November im Speak Easy Sprachladen in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

“Awer and Pible are two italian street artist with two styles totally different but shared the use of lines in their works.  Awer works from little illustration to giant walls use an acid and hypnotic paralleles strokes representin moods of life forms, dripping carcasses, human beings or animals roaming around the worst abandoned structures of the planet.

Pible works on handcutted high precision stencils with greyscale colors and a punk pop style characterized by halftone filters made just with parallel lines, really a lot of amazing lines.”


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Opening: 23. November 2012, 19.30 pm
Speak Easy
Boxhagener Strasse 116
10245 Berlin