IDRAWALOT-Galerie sucht Prkatikant_in

Die IDRAWALOT-Galerie in Neukoelln sucht eine_n Praktikant_in. Via FB: Idrawalot Gallery & Showroom is looking for a Part-Time Intern

3 Days a Week
12noon to 6pm
Duration: 3 months

Idrawalot Gallery and Showroom of Karl Addison is Drawings • Zines • Books • Screen Prints • Limited Editions • Painting • Murals • Prints • Contemporary Art • Exhibitions.

The Gallery space collaborating with artist, meanwhile providing a mural wall in the Showroom and a Limited Edition book in conjunction with the exhibition. The Showroom focusing on Zines, Books and Art Prints. Showcasing art in it’s purest form as well documentation.

We are looking for a dedicated and committed person to join our team. Helping with the daily operations of the showroom. Working with a variety of artist during the prep and set-up of exhibition. Along with other tasks that relate to the art space and community.

Pic via:

–Good manual skills and interest in science.
–Ability to ask questions.
–Positive attitude and sense of humor.
–Sense of responsibility and initiative

Additional experience a plus:
–Photoshop, InDesign & Illustration Knowledge
–Facebook, Twitter and other social media
–Understanding of digital and off-set print production

For Interest Contact: