Paolo Cirio in Berlin















Dircksenstraße / Rochstraße, Berlin


Das neue Projekt des italienischen Medienkünstlers Paolo Cirio: “Street Ghosts“.

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“In the hippest areas for Street Art, life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View were printed and posted without authorization at the same spot where they were taken. The posters are printed in color on thin paper, cut along the outline, and then affixed with wheatpaste on the walls of public buildings at the precise spot on the wall where they appear in Google’s Street View image. Street Ghosts has been a rigorous hunt for the most visible people on spooky buildings with walls available for art interventions. The physical evidence of the ghosts’ appearance may vanish quickly, but its documentation will remain forever. Street Ghosts reveals the aesthetic, biopolitical, tactical and legal issues, which can be explored through the artist’s statement and theoretical considerations. ”

Paolos Poster findet man mithilfe von Maps

webalbum aller ghosts