Parts`n Pieces

Foto: Marco Buddingh

Ein tolles Design-Spiel von OVNI und R.U.A. bei dem mithilfe dieser website: Kompositionen erstellt werden können. Von allen Einsendungen werden 24 ausgewählt und in Hoptille (NL) an eine Wand gemalt.

Ovni want to invite everybody to take part in this project.

She developed this online game for Hoptille. She designed 20 different pieces in different shapes, colours and structures, and it is up to the audience to compose their own pieces of art with it.

The design is an abstract reflection of the way Ovni sees the H-Buurt. This neighbourhood is a total mixture of all kinds of people coming from different backgrounds and all are one unique piece taking part in the total of the area. The colours and structures of the shapes and forms reflect the divers composition of colourful people living in the neighbourhood. If different people make different compositions with the same shapes, it can be a curious reflection of how people see their own world and how easy it is to see one thing with a completely different eye. Ovni would like to be surprised with your view!