Polish Street At Books

Via Mail:

Hello, just a short info about 2 very interesting publications about polish graffiti and street art (unfortunately only in Polish). But I think it is interesting to see what is happening elsewhere than in Paris, London and Berlin.

First Book: It deals with 70 years of street interventions from anti-Nazi graffiti, political protest graffiti from early 1980s till today’s graffiti and street art movement. already sold out and it has cult status. here is a link http://graffitiwpolsce.blogspot.fi/ &

second one is called Polish street art and it has been published in 2010 and it has already second edition. both books are wonderfully done with great photos and decent text about every author. here are links
http://www.cartablanca.pl/produkty/200/polski-street-art &
http://www.cartablanca.pl/produkty/301/polski-street-art. (..)