StickCore #3 – open call for stickers

Zur erwaehnten Ausstellung im IDRAWALOT in Neukoelln, werden noch Sticker gesucht (via):

dear sticky mates,

this year for the third time we organize a sticker-exhibition called stick core running from april 4th at the nice gallery named idrawalot in berlin. if you want to be part of it, please send us your cutted, spray-painted, printed, drawn, or elsewise produced stickers in any size to hit them up for the show.

the earlier you send your stickers, the better we can plan for the exhibition and start sticking them up.
the stickers will only be used for the event and some of them go to hatch stickermuseum afterwards.

please note that a small part of the stickers will be sold in packs to fix the costs of the exhibition. we won´t get rich of that, its just to fix a little fraction of our costs and makes it possible for people to get some of the amazing stuff for their home or to hit them up in the exhibition, the streets or elsewhere.

the mailing address to send your artwork is:

Idrawalot Gallery & Showroom
Boddinstrasse 60,
12053 Berlin

best wishes,
your stick core team

  • Franky

    Ab wann findet die Ausstellung statt? Was kostet der Eintritt? Wo bekomme ich noch mehr Informationen? LG Franky