Es gibt ein paar News zum SUPALIFE-KISOK in Berlin. Und zwar ist dieser jetzt, nach 8 jaehrigem Bestehen, ein offiziell gemeinnuetziger Verein. Und zweitens braucht der SUPALIFE ein bisschen Kohle und hat dafuer dieses Crowdfunding-Projekt gestartet:

Project closes: 30.04.2013
Project goal: 6.000 €

Supalife is much more than our showroom. Supalife is an idea. This crowdfunding campaign resembles the start of our restructuring process as a Non-Profit-Organisation.

Thereby, we are officially including a charitable notion to our work, which will give us ultimately the freedom to pursue our interdisciplinary art approach on a sustainable basis. Besides our accomplishments during the past eight years, we have grown to an extend, which makes it quite hard for our small team to manage everything. The non-profit status however will enable us to carry on with our work just as you came to know and appreciate it. Nonetheless, the restructuring process requires some initial efforts during the foundation and due to administrative challenges, which is why we are inviting you to join and support us through this campaign.