“When Angie was a punk rock girl.. by MTO

MTO´s support fuer das Tacheles:

MTO: “My contribution for the URBAN ART CLASH 2012, open from 17 june till 17 july
in Kunsthaus TACHELES, the legendary underground place in Berlin.

“The URBAN ART CLASH is pleased to announce a large-scale exhibition featuring current positions of Contemporary Urban Photography and Aerosol Art that will be Opening in May 2012 in Berlin- the global epicenter of this international art movement. Artists from different countries, all major players in the Urban Art genre, have been invited for a week residency at the historical “Kunsthaus Tacheles”, in Berlin. Located in a ruin in Berlin-Mitte on 5 floors of exhibition space is the ideal location for the Urban Art exhibition.”

This piece is situated at the fourth floor.
… Thanks to them for inviting me !